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Fangirling on Friday | Least Favorite Tropes

Hello bookfiends! This meme was created by the lovely Books in the Skye! This my second week doing it, and loving it! Go check her blog out!🤗


I hate this trope so much like I cringe every time I read it. Like it’s completely okay to have attraction automatically! I’m down for that give me some angsty vibes with it then va la happy reader💕. However if they lock eyes then profess their love within a week or two span. I.AM.MAD.

Fluffy Romance

Again I am mostly an angst romance person so fluffy romance is a big turn off in a book for me. It’s just too sweet and mushy. Not for me.

  • To be honest I mostly DNF these books & try to never think about them again!

Damsel in Distress

Just so tired of seeing this in books where a guy has to save the day and be by her side all the time. Like hell no ! Woman are capable, we are not all little mice in the corner or professionally in MMA. But we kick, bite, scream, cuss your feelings out. We are not completely helpless.

  • Bonus hatred: Bella is a Mary Sue.

What did y’all think about my hated tropes? What are some of yours?

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