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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Tag | Book tag

Hello there my lovely bookfiends! I’m very excited to introduce my first ever attempt of a book tag I created myself! And of course I am going to base it off of my ultimate favorite tv show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer! I plan on doing a Buffy Villians Tag too next week (:


  1. You must ping me back here so I can read all of the tags. 💕
  2. Answer the below questions with a fictional character & the book they are from.
  3. Have fun with it!
  4. Of course, spread the love & tag it up!

Buffy Summers:

The Chosen One | Choose a fictional character that carries the wait of the world on their shoulders.

  • Aelin

Xander Harris:

The heart of the group but got jokes | Choose a fictional character that helps whenever needed at no matter the cost and has a sense of humor.

  • Jenks

Willow Rosenburg:

The powerful witch | Choose a fictional character that doesn’t know how powerful she truly is.

  • Alina

Rupert Giles:

The Watcher | A fictional character that is like a father figure and watches over you.

  • Luke Garroway

Cordelia Chase:

The Popular One | A fictional character that shows tredmedous character growth throughout a book/ series.

  • Rachel💫


The Dark & Brooding Guy | A character that has an evil side within him.

  • Ash Redfern

Spike aka William the Bloody:

The irresitable bad guy | A character that is a villain but is a big softy when it comes to love.

  • Prince Cardan


The precious cinnamon roll | A character that is LGBTQ+ 💕

  • Magnus Bane


The newly human, and doesn’t understand humans. | A character that isn’t use to being human.

  • Amren

Dawn Summers:

The annoying little sister. | A character you found very annoying.

  • Arnaka Skytree


The other chosen one that is the black sheep, but is STILL a badass!| A character you love to hate.

  • The Angel of Death

Tag, you’re it!


Darque Dreamer💕


&&& please anyone else who would like to do this tag you are it!

Tell me if you have read these books and if you agree or disagree in the category I put them. I always love hearing y’alls recommendations too!💕

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