Currently Reading

Currently Reading 📖

Hello there bookfiends!

These are my current reads, I try to multitask and read several at a time. And these are the ones I have chosen. And I have also decided to do beta reading so I will let y’all know how that goes.

– You can click on the picture and it will take you to the books on Goodreads!

Current arcs I am reading from Netgally:

I chose this one because…OK! I’m not going to lie! I requested this because of the cover and it’s a young adult fantasy. I’m 20% in it and the main character is grating my nerves so I’m giving it to at least 35 or 40% before I DNF.

Again I’m in love with the cover. 💕🔥 If it’s good I’ll be buying it for my bookshelf. Currently about to start this!

Current Arcs from Authors:

The author is only 17!! And it’s a sci-fi fantasy/ superhero feel 🔥

My Reads from my bookshelf or kindle:

Currently reading with a few book buddies of mine💕 So far I’m in love with the world🌎 28% so far.

Let me know if y’all are reading these or already have! If not what are your current reads? Let’s discuss 👌💕

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