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Need a book buddy! 💙

Anybody want to buddy read this with me? 💕I found it on my kindle (: :

“Airwoman: Book 1 (Airwoman )” by Zara Quentin

Genre: YA fantasy💕

Buddy Reading

  • First we will talk about specifications. We will talk about a good time to start it for us both. Also, talk about if we have a certain number of pages to read everyday, every week or if we are going to be doing it on are own paces. Exchanging contact info. Whatever you are comfortable with: emailing, phone, social media! We will hold our discussions there (: Discuss the book. This will be our place to fangirl, motivate our reading, question & converse about the book and life in general!🌼

Please let me know! I’ve already read a few pages and the world building is fantastic. I had to stop myself because I realized I wanted to share this experience with someone else too!

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