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Blog Tour |The Siren Chronicles by Douglas J. Sloan

Hello, lovey bookwormies!

 The Siren Chronicles, Book 1 by Douglas J. Sloan

Publisher: Gruh Entertainment, Inc.

Publication Date: June 27th, 2017  
 Rating: 3.5 stars

Pages: 214

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Goodreads Summary:

While leading the cleanup of the worst oil spill in California history, Marine Biologist Elias Courtney stumbles upon the unthinkable. The beautiful young woman, washed up on the desecrated beach, tangled in the black seaweed, is still alive, but barely. What would possess someone to enter these black poisonous waters, the cause of so many innocent creatures’ demise?!! For that matter, how IS she still alive? How long has she been under the water? As Courtney would soon find out — her entire life. In fact, this was the young mermaid’s first time on land.

Lorelei with companions, Seanne and Millisine, has traveled a long way to walk these scarred shores. Now separated by the horrific oily mess that only humans could have caused, the three sirens must struggle to stay alive as they attempt to navigate this strange new world. They must reunite and begin the “Earthquest” that is their reason for being on land. Their underwater home is sick, dying off at an alarming rate. And whatever is causing the near extinction of the last remaining mermaid colony, clearly originated from exactly where they find themselves.

Edward Titan had waited decades for this moment. All three have arrived, hopeful and innocent, completely unsuspecting. Soon the ocean’s strongest, smartest and most intuitive sirens will find themselves up against years of festering anger and hatred. Titan’s retribution will be swift and brutal. And it will mean the end of an entire civilization. The Sirens’ Song will soon be no more.

THE SIREN CHRONICLES: BOOK ONE, is the exciting first installment in a series of SIRENS books that will follow these miraculous young heroines across the globe, both above and beneath the ocean. As they try desperately to stave off a psychotic creature bent on destroying the planet, they discover new species, battle old enemies and face challenges they never could have imagined. 


Recommend While Reading:

Tea: I was drinking chamomile tea! It relaxed me while I read this book.


  • The writing style was more telling than showing me. Which was disappointing because I mean I wanted to awe and gasp over the world of Oceanna but I couldn’t.
  • I got so confused with which characters were which and who was saying what. It was 3rd person omniscient. Which just didn’t let me see character flaws and growth. The characters were flat in my opinion.



  • This was a light, easy, and fast read!
  • I LOVED the prologue so much! I shed a tear at the end of it, it was that good!
  • Douglas did his research on mermaid mythology, he gave the mermaids interesting characteristics. Like the two vocal pipes in order to sing in harmony, they do dehydrate when away from water, and much more!
  • The three mermaids: Millisine, Lorelei, and Seanne! I really liked their experiences when they were separated. But when they came together it was sweet and funny at times.
    Image result for peter pan mermaid gifs
  • I really liked Seanne even though the two other mermaids disliked her and treated her like an inconvenience in their lives. Which was very sad to read. Since she has a tragic backstory, she has been hardened by life. And her earth quest was, in my opinion, the hardest of the rest.
  • There was a hint of some light romance! I kinda wanted more, but it focuses on the adventure and Earth quest of this novel.
  • Super fasted paced! Which was great, read in one day! I mean it’s only 209 pages!
  • The villains were very intriguing and added a nice mix to this book.
  • There are some hilarious parts and sweetness!



I recommend this to mermaid fans definitely! I think middle-grade audiences would enjoy this more than the young adult audience. There is no foul language, sex, or anything that would make anything but middle grade. The characters are older but I believe you could relate to them easily as a child.

I rated this a 3.5 because I did enjoy this, but there were some hiccups on the way to enjoy it. But everyone is different!

*I received a free arc for an honest review. All opinions are my own.*


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