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Blog Tour: Miss Seeton Quilts the Village by Hamilton Crane! 

Miss Seeton Quilts the Village by Hamilton Crane 

Publisher: Farrago

Published on: September 7th, 2017

Rating: 3.5 to 4 stars!

 Goodreads Summary

It’s practically a Royal Marriage. The highly eligible son of Miss Seeton’s old friends Sir George and Lady Colveden has wed the daughter of a French count.

Miss Seeton lends her talents to the village scheme to create a quilted ‘Bayeux Tapestry’ of local history, inspired by the wedding. But her intuitive sketches reveal a startlingly different perspective—involving buried Nazi secrets, and links to the mysterious death of a diplomat and to a South American dictator . . .

Serene amidst every kind of skulduggery, this eccentric English spinster steps in where Scotland Yard stumbles, armed with nothing more than her sketchpad and umbrella!

I would like to thank Farrago for giving me a free ebook of Miss Seeton Quilts the Village in exchange for an honest review. I would like to apologize for my blog tour post is late. I had power outage since Sunday due to storm Irma.


While reading I Recommend:

Tea: I was drinking a double spice Chia black tea that was as cozy as this cozy mystery!


  • To me, the beginning was very confusing. I had to reread it a couple of times in order to go forward.
  • This is my first time reading a Miss Seeton novel, so I was scrambling to figure out who is who and such. But that’s understandable (:


  • I loved the humor & splashes of satire in this cozy mystery! It definitely had a comic relief throughout the book.

  • I mean how could you not love an older woman who can use her PSYCHIC DRAWINGS to aid local police in their crazy investigations. Miss Seeton was a very unique character, I have never personally read anything like her!

  • I love how she is armed with her sketch pad, pencils and of course her trusty as hell umbrella! (: For some reason, Mary Poppins came to mind when I thought of umbrella. 

  • The secrets upon secrets! Oh! Can’t forget the gossip that runs wild in the village.

  • The 1970s feel and the British setting was also a pro for this book. 
  • The book is filled with plots and sub-plots! Which I like, because it would be utterly boring without it.


Would I Recommend : 

If you love cozy mysteries, this is has been made for you! Now, if you have never read any Miss Seeton other novels like myself, I would pick up a couple of them to get a feel for the characters and village life. I will definitely be picking up the earlier books then the newest ones!

I was conflicted with my rating so it’s a 3.5 because I was lost at moments, and wish I read some of her earlier books. However, I rate it a 4 star for being thoroughly entertaining and a fun light read(: I definitely recommend! 

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