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Throne Of Glass Tag!


So, I wasn’t tagged for this…HOWEVER, I love this tag SO much! I did not feel like waiting around for it to drop in my lap. I actually have not finished this series yet, I finished Heir Of Fire last month. Need to keep going!

Shoutout to the lovely Makenzie! I saw her tag and decided to finally dive in(:


Lysandra: a book with a cover change you loved


Abraxos: a book that’s better on the inside than it looks on the outside

Erilea: a series with great world-building


Rifthold: a book which combines genres


Urban fantasy mixed with sci-fi, historical fiction, and magic realism!

Damaris: a book based on/inspired by a myth/legend


Kaltain Rompier: a book with an unexpected twist


Assassin’s Keep: a book with an unreliable narrator


Have not read yet, but from what I gathered from the summary he is pretty unstable. Probably need to read more books with unreliable narrators!

Asterin Blackbeak: a book that’s got squad goals


I have not read the last two BUT plan to. I choose this for squad goals because the brotherhood is the definition of a squad! They are badass! End of story(:

Terrasen: a book that feels like home



Read this in my childhood, instead of watching Disney movies I would read or have my mom read this as a bedtime. Which is a little grim! hah(:

Aelin Ashryver: a book with the power to destroy you


Manon Blackbeak: a book that intimidated you


There were some hard beginning chapters that made me so emotional for the character. Which is a real person. Because this is a freaking memoir that is heartbreaking. Therefore, I was so intimidated by the potential emotional devastation, I put this book down when I can handle it better!

Rowan Whitehorn: a book that makes you swoon

17927395Ryhsand. That is all that needs to be said about swooning.

Chaol Westfall: a book that challenged you to see things differently

city of ashes cover

Currently reading so please no spoilers! But this book is definitely challenging me to view a certain two people and their love to be right or wrong. And it’s tearing me apart! Like ughkkk.

Fleetfoot: a book that was gifted to you

th (1)

Eye of Elena: a book you found right when you needed it

The Hollows Collage

So, I have up to the fifth book & cannot to read the rest! This book series I found on my honeymoon at an antique store and I bought all the books they had which were like eight! And they had the first book which was a bonus! But I read this on the trip and it really made me laugh, cry, fear, basically, all emotions(:



I tag anyone! 


Let me know what you think of my answers. Have you read this books? 


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