Giveaway of First Came Forever!


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To start with, I would like to thank the lovely Annie Woods for providing a copy of her debut novel, First Came Forever for this awesome giveaway(:

There will be FIVE WINNERS, you heard me five!

  • The first winner will receive a paperback copy of The First Came Forever by Annie Woods. Along with one bookmark and a random character sketch sticker( I created)!
  • The rest of the winners will receive a bookmark and character sketches stickers!



I have a review of the book here, so check it out(:


Title: First Came Forever

Author: Annie Woods

Publisher: Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers

Publication Date: August 31, 2017

Format: Paperback

Page Count: 322

Genre: Contemporary Romance




First love. A promise of forever. A lie that changes everything.

Backpacking with her high school friends, Erica Lindell’s life takes a thrilling new turn. Meeting the fascinating Sasha Ailes, she can’t help but fall completely and irrevocably in love with him. When he feels the same way about her, Erica finds herself drawn into a fairytale love story that will set her life on a new direction. But Sasha has kept his true identity a secret. Finding out who he really is, Erica must overcome the betrayal and make the hardest choice of her life. Can she give up her own dreams to live in his world, or leave and lose him forever?

First Came Forever is an enchanting, heart-wrenching story about finding true love and the devastating consequences it can lead to. What price is too high to pay, even for love?



Giveaway ends October 1st! Plenty of time to join in for the chance to win!


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