Book Review

The Axeboy’s Blues by Andy Reynolds!


Book One of The Agents Of
Publisher: Mosquito Publishing
Publication Date: January 18th, 2016
Rating: 5 stars
Pages: 390
Summary from Goodreads:
New Orleans:

A city with one foot in the past and the other ankle-deep in chartreuse-flavored dreams. Creatures and spirits of every ilk saunter down the jazz-filled streets day and night, struggling to find purpose amidst the ivy-drenched balconies and colorful shotgun houses.

The Axeboy’s Blues follows a centuries-old agency tasked with protecting New Orleans from forces that would see her destroyed. Unfortunately, the agency was nearly wiped out and is virtually nonexistent. In a city where mosquitoes wear vests and spectacles, where the Mississippi is teeming with monstrous beasts, and where Wonder sprouts from peoples’ heads like plants, can this agency fill its ranks once more to take on an adversary from its past – an adversary that has jumped through time?

  • I heard about this book from a former co-worker of mine, she had it with her. And of course any sensible bookworm loves to be nosy about what others are reading!(: She told me she went to New Orleans && was told to visit Andy Reynolds and she got his book. AND now I bought this amazing book. The End.(:

While reading I recommend:

Tea: If you are under 21 years old drink a nice cup of any green tea because you will want the caffeine to stay up and binge this book! Now if you are 21 years and up I recommend grabbing a mason jar like one of the characters in this book & put vodka soda in it with a lime(:


  • There was a little grammar & such mistake here and there. But nothing that stopped my reading. It was like maybe five mistakes within the whole book. And honestly, to me, this wasn’t a big deal.


  • I really liked Edith Downs character. She loves watching black&white mobster movies, and she is a memory reader! Edith is in her 30’s and is such a likable character! I drew her after reading this rich story!(:IMG_0429
  • Who doesn’t love a fun-loving character that is witty and puts acupuncture needles in her hair for whenever her entities of clients need her to straighten out their energies.IMG_0431
  • There is different kind of species other than human. There is Riverwalkers, the Collectors & many more. They are all unique & intriguing!
  • I mean I need Roman & Elsh together. There was only one chapter of them interacting. But within that chapter I have become a fangirl over them!(:
  • Julius Marcos a reincarnation of the Egyptian God, Bes, he is a real character that I feel for! He has seen hardships & this man hates pirates with a passion!IMG_0428
  • The New Orleans that Andy Reynolds has created really immersed me with awe. He has made New Orleans it to a living breathing masterpiece.
  • There is action, friendships, betrayal, rich history woven into this world you will adore!
  • I also love how the book is formatted! Each chapter is called a File with the number chapter and the name of who is narrating it. Which is a big help, some books makes you guess!
  • There is awesome footnotes throughout this book, to help you gain further insight without putting pointless stuff in the story to explain. It flowed really well.
  • It’s a freaking sci-fi urban fantasy with some steampunk elements! Why wouldn’t that be a pro?
  • And how could I forget the sassy Angel of Death! She wears high heals & still can kick ass(:IMG_0432


If you are a lover of any kind of fantasy especially urban & sci-fi, you will devour this book in one sitting! However, I recommend EVERYBODY to read this, it has become my all time favorite book. And that is very hard to do. So, five stars all the way(:

Let me know if you have read this! & If you plan to, so I can fangirl over this book with you! Also let me know some of YOUR favorite urban fantasy books.

8 thoughts on “The Axeboy’s Blues by Andy Reynolds!”

  1. Thanks for the awesome review!!! And I love all the character portraits! Definitely ask me any questions you have, and I just might share a file or two from the sequel since you’re such a big fan. This totally just made my week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Your welcome! Thank you, I loved the characters so much I just had to draw them, still working on Roman and other characters like the Axeboy. And I would love that, I am a very big fan! I’m glad to make your week!


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